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We Are Seeking:

  • Highly motivated individuals

  • Open and positive attitude

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • Able to be trained

  • Passion to help others

  • An urge to exceed expectations


We Are Offering:​

  • Paid training

  • Hourly wages and bonuses

  • Incentives

  • Career advancements

  • Travel opportunities

  • Fun working environment

Why Join Us?

We strive to maintain a sense of home, where everyone is not just a worker; they are part of the We Planet Earth family. 

We believe that treating each other not as adversities, competitors or opposition, but rather as trusted allies, is how we can move the world forward. 

Our culture is innovative, communicative, business-oriented, and team-based. We Planet Earth does not end after our shift. This is because our workers would rather spend time together. 

We believe that our culture has made possible being successful in the charity sector. As charity workers it is our moral duty to put others first, and this is reflected in how we treat those we work with. 

Each day is spent speaking to the public, while advocating equal rights for all, ending violence, and saving the environment. We Planet Earth has created a group of like-minded individuals with common goals. These goals embody a sense of change. We believe that together we can spark change, one donation at a time. 

Over the years we’ve noticed this strong sense of family, and have introduced paid vacations, where we can spend weeks, throughout the year, while travelling the world, and letting our creative juices flourish, together. 

If anybody has an idea they can pitch the idea, and together we can improve our company. We take what each worker has to say extremely seriously, because each person that works at We Planet Earth has a valuable voice that needs to be heard. 

When workers move our company forward by showcasing entrepreneurship, they are promoted, and celebrated, so they can stay making appropriate changes to our company, making We Planet Earth stronger with each new worker. 

We Planet Earth is not just a job, it’s a career. We Planet Earth is a place to develop a steady, and comfortable lifestyle while doing charity work, saving lives, and making the world a safer place, day-after-day. 

Why We Planet Earth? Because it makes sense. 

Join us, and together We can make Planet Earth a little brighter.

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